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KFC Careers | Web design & development | Laura Richer

KFC Careers


KFC asked Bolser to re build and make improvements to their careers website. The rebuild started from the design stage and my role in the project was to build the frontend of the website. This involved the integration of their current job board API, Tribepad, building a map search functionality using the Google Maps API and building location search functionality using the Google places API to predict addresses.


The frontend of the current site is built in Aurelia so it was necessary to keep the careers site within the same framework as it was going to be integrated with the main brand website.

Tribepad API integration

KFC use a jobs board app called Tribepad. Tribepad provide API endpoints to allow developers to use their data.


The Search Vacancies page utilised this API by obviously serving up appropriate jobs but also further functionality such as filtering jobs by type, pagination from the API and using coordinates to link out to Google maps and get directions & transport links to the chosen store for the potential employee.

Google APIs

In order to make this rebuild more user friendly I had to integrate a job location search and a map view so users had different ways to find jobs.


The Google Places API is used for the location search, the autocomplete functionality allows a user to select a location thats recognised by Google so they will always get a result returned. The Location gets converted into coordinates and used to query the Tribepad API.


The Google Maps API is used for the map view, the query from Tribepad is filtered to select all sets of unique coordinates which is then build into an array containing all of the restaurants that have jobs available. The results are then plotted using the Google Maps API and info windows are used to display the restaurants address and lets you anchor down to jobs at that restaurant.