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KFC App | Web design & development | Laura Richer


Angular 2/Ionic

At Bolser we were tasked to build an app for KFC for users to collect, use and manage their loyalty stamps. The Colonel’s Club app is available on the app store and google play. The app was built using a combination of Angular 2 and Ionic. Angular 2 was used at the clients request, our team of developers chose to pair this with Ionic so the project could be easily packaged as a mobile app ready for launch.

I worked as part of a 3 strong front end team on this project to ensure the app was ready for a strict deadline where the agency doing the back end build could take over.

Angular 2

Angular 2 allowed the team to build the app using a fully modular structure meaning no code was repeated and every module was re usable across the whole app. Using static data and json files we were able to build the app so it was fully functional even with the lack of back end. It also allowed us to ensure everything was as seamless as possible when ready to be integrated with the back end.


The Ionic framework was used to structure the Angular 2 project so it could be built as a mobile app. Ionic allowed the team to use native device functionality combined with Angular functionality. It also meant we could build 1 version of the app which would be distributed to both the app store and google play.